这周,当我回顾耶稣被钉十字架和复活之前生命的最后几天时,我想起了我在耶稣之死中也发挥了作用。今天有了机会来分析圣经中的 耶稣受难周 人物还有确定他们的罪恶在我生活中表现出的方式。

This week as I reflect on the last days of Jesus life before his crucifixion and resurrection, I am reminded of how I, too, played a part in Jesus death. Today, I had the opportunity to reflect over each of the Passion characters in the Bible and identified the ways their sins manifest in my life


I’m writing this blog so that you too can join me in this reflection! Follow the steps below!



Judas betrays Jesus
“Judas Money”
“Chief Priests and Leaders”
“The Crowd”
Soldiers putting the crown on Jesus and a purple robe as the King of the Jews, depicted by van Baburen, 1623.

第1步:读约翰福音18-19通过一次不记笔记。Step 1: Read John 18-19 once through without taking notes.

第2步:读下列事在耶稣受难中的不同角色以及他们的罪, 然后选择与你最相关的人物。Step 2: Read the different aspects of the sins of the Passion characters listed below and choose a character that you relate with the most.

  • 贪婪Greed
  • 不诚实Dishonesty
  • 抱着错误的动机跟随耶稣Wrong motive in following Jesus
  • 持有错误的期许而导致愤怒与苦毒Wrong expectations leading to anger and bitterness
彼得&门徒们Peter & the Disciples
  • 懦弱Cowardice
  • 过度自信Over-confidence
  • 不警醒/没有听从耶稣的警告而做准备Not alert/Unprepared despite Jesus’ warnings
  • 专注于为不足道的小安逸(彼得在火边取暖) Concerned with petty personal comfort (Peter “warming himself” near the fire)
祭司长&其他领袖Chief priests & the leaders
  • 嫉妒Envy and jealousy
  • 保护自己的地位与优势Protectiveness over their position and privilege
  • 藐视真理Disregard for truth
  • 未达目的不择手段Using whatever means to achieve their desire
  • 逃避、消极地作决定并造成其他人重大的代价Avoidance and passivity before making decision that resulted in a huge cost for someone else
  • 不承担自己的责任 Not owning up to his own responsibility
  • 太骄傲也太害怕回应他心中的良知Too proud and afraid to respond to the prompting in his own heart
  • 对于自己真正拥有的自由与力量非常不自量力且高傲Deluded arrogance regarding how much freedom and power he really had
  • 重视地位权力过于真理Caring about position and power more than truth
  • 泯灭公义Lack of conviction about justice
  • 不能共患难的跟随者:前一秒钟敬拜耶稣,后一秒钟大喊「钉死他!」Fair-weather followers: worshiping one minute and shouting “crucify” the next
  • 容易受人操控;轻易受到暴民气氛鼓动Prone to easy manipulation by others; unthinkingly swept up by mob atmosphere
  • 虚假且嘲弄式的敬拜Fake and mocking worship
  • 行为与口里承认的不相符Actions contrary to confession
  • 用敌意来麻痹面对耶稣时的不安Numbing their discomfort before Jesus with hostility
  • 滥用权力;以暴为乐Abuse of power; delighting in violence

第3步:一边想着这个人物的,重读的圣经经文,并随时批注。您可以列出他们所说的不同动作,问题或事物,以突出显示/展示其罪过。Re-read the Bible Text with this character in mind and feel free to annotate. You can list the different actions, questions or things they said highlights/demonstrates their sins.

第4步:请试想这些罪如何在你生命中显露出来。下面有一些问题来帮助反思默想。Step 4: Identify the ways in which the different aspects of your chosen character’s sins manifest in your life. Here are some guiding questions.

  • 你选的人物做了什么?What did your character do?
  • 他们为什么这样做?Why did they do it?
  • 关于他们及其性格的启示是什么?What does is reveal about them and their character?
  • 我和他们有什么相似之处?我和他们有什么相似之处?In what ways am I like them? What does this reveal about me?
    • 你会做/会说/想像这个人物哪些事情?What are some things you do/say/think like this character?

第5步:请花些时间为这些罪认罪祷告。Step 5: Spend some time praying over these sins.

我人物分析的例子/My example

祭司长和领袖们的最终愿望是将耶稣钉在十字架上,因为1)他们不能接受耶稣是人子的真理。 他们认为这亵渎了他们已经知道和研究的内容。 2)他们感到耶稣威胁着许多人跟随他的地位和能力。 同样,在许多情况下,我有时候也想无视真理,因为这违背了我认为是“正确”和我“知道”的事实,所以我就像这些大祭司和领袖一样。 我必须承认一个事实,就是我始终对真理怀有敌意,因为我不想对上帝负责。 这是我的罪恶本性。 我也跟祭司长和领袖们大喊:““除掉他!除掉他!把他钉十字架!” 这就是我在耶稣被钉十字架和死亡中所扮演的角色。

The chief priests and leaders’ ultimate desire was to crucify Jesus because 1) they could not accept the truth that Jesus is Son of Man. They considered it blasphemous to what they already knew and studied. 2) They felt Jesus threatened their status and power as many people followed him. Similarly, I am like these chief priests and leaders in the fact that there are many instances where I want to disregard the truth because it goes against what I think is “right” and what I “know”. I have to acknowledge the fact that I am always hostile toward truth because I don’t want to be held accountable by God. This is my sinful nature. This is how I like the chief priests & leaders cried out “Away with him, away with him, crucify him!” This is the part I played in Jesus’ crucifixion and death.


我的教会准备了一种互动式的,身临其境的体验,旨在帮助您沉思耶稣最后一周的事件。请你来看一看!>> 耶稣受难体验

I’m curious to see which passion character you chose to reflect on! Feel free to discuss in the comments section. Let me know if you have any questions!

For a more immersive experience don’t forget to check out my church’s Passion Experience. You can read about it here.

– 黛华 Tyra

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