contentment | 知足 | zhīzú

周三和周四我过生日了,跟我室友一起过。我们教会的朋友送给我们很多吃的,肚子受不了了,还有跟我们分享一些甜言蜜语来鼓励我们. 收到她们们的爱使我想起来昨天在圣经里学的经文. This past Wednesday and Thursday I celebrated my birthday with my roommate. We received a lot of food from our friends my stomach can’t take it! They also shared with us some sweet words of encouragment. As I received their love, I thought about yesterday’s devotional from 1 Timothy. 其实敬虔而又知足,就是得大利的途径, 因为我们没有带甚么到世上来,也不能带甚么去。 只要有衣有食,就应当知足。 Qíshí…

人物分析 | character analysis

这周,当我回顾耶稣被钉十字架和复活之前生命的最后几天时,我想起了我在耶稣之死中也发挥了作用。今天有了机会来分析圣经中的 耶稣受难周 人物还有确定他们的罪恶在我生活中表现出的方式。 This week as I reflect on the last days of Jesus life before his crucifixion and resurrection, I am reminded of how I, too, played a part in Jesus death. Today, I had the opportunity to reflect over each of the Passion characters in the Bible and identified the ways their sins…

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