contentment | 知足 | zhīzú

周三和周四我过生日了,跟我室友一起过。我们教会的朋友送给我们很多吃的,肚子受不了了,还有跟我们分享一些甜言蜜语来鼓励我们. 收到她们们的爱使我想起来昨天在圣经里学的经文.

This past Wednesday and Thursday I celebrated my birthday with my roommate. We received a lot of food from our friends my stomach can’t take it! They also shared with us some sweet words of encouragment. As I received their love, I thought about yesterday’s devotional from 1 Timothy.

其实敬虔而又知足,就是得大利的途径, 因为我们没有带甚么到世上来,也不能带甚么去。 只要有衣有食,就应当知足。

Qíshí jìngqián ér yòu zhīzú, jiùshì dé dàlì de tújìng, 7 yīnwèi wǒmen méiyǒu dài shénme dào shìshàng lái, yě bùnéng dài shénme qù. 8 Zhǐyào yǒu yī yǒu shí, jiù yīngdāng zhīzú.

But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.

提摩太前书 6:6-11 (cnvs)
1 TIMOTHY 6:6-8 (esv)

当我回想起去年的生日时,我发现自己正在竭尽全力为自己准备这种豪华的生日。 我对自己的生活不满意,我想让生活变得更好。 我不想相信基督是足够的,所以我用除基督以外的许多其他东西填补了这一不足。

As I reflect on my birthday last year, I found myself doing everything I could to have this luxurious type of birthday for my self. I was discontent with how my life turned out and I wanted to make it better. I didn’t want to believe that Christ is enough and so I filled that lack with many other things except Christ.

但是,今年有了冠状病毒并且不得不待在家里,我开始理解“敬虔而又知足,就是得大利的途径”的含义。 敬虔而又知足 是知足与福音(和是知足与神给我们的一切。

However, this year with the coronavirus and having to stay at home, I’ve come to understand what it means by “godliness with contentment is great gain”. Godliness with contentment is being content with the gospel (that Jesus Christ died to save me from my sins so that I can be reconciled with God) and being content with what God has provided me.


What my birthday this year has taught me is that God has provided me a wealth of genuine relationships and a mission to love others. I am satisfied.


Here’s a video we sent to our friends to show our gratitude.

– 黛华 Tyra

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