Long Time No See | 好久不见了 | hǎo jiǔ bù jiàn le

好久不见了!怎么这么长的时间还没写博客!因为我不工作就有时间来写, 期待在这里看到一些新文章。 It's been a long time since I've written on this blog. Started from the Covid....now I'm back? Update is I'm unemployed and have some time now. So expect to see something here and there! – 黛华 Tyra


contentment | 知足 | zhīzú

周三和周四我过生日了,跟我室友一起过。我们教会的朋友送给我们很多吃的,肚子受不了了,还有跟我们分享一些甜言蜜语来鼓励我们. 收到她们们的爱使我想起来昨天在圣经里学的经文. This past Wednesday and Thursday I celebrated my birthday with my roommate. We received a lot of food from our friends my stomach can't take it! They also shared with us some sweet words of encouragment. As I received their love, I thought about yesterday's devotional from 1 Timothy. 其实敬虔而又知足,就是得大利的途径, 因为我们没有带甚么到世上来,也不能带甚么去。 只要有衣有食,就应当知足。Qíshí jìngqián…

耶稣受难周 (复活节前的一周) ~ p a s s i o n w e e k

复活节来了! 复活节是因着主耶稣被钉十字架三天之后复活升天而来的。今年的是4月12号。在庆祝复活节之前,我们还回顾了耶稣死与复活之前的最后一周, 这周叫 “耶稣受难周". 我的教会准备了一种互动式的,身临其境的体验,旨在帮助您沉思耶稣最后一周的事件。请你来看一看!>> 耶稣受难体验 Easter is almost here! We invite you to join us for our first-ever virtual Passion Experience— an immersive audio-visual simulation of the events leading up to Jesus’ last days and crucifixion. You can access Passion Experience here.