Long Time No See | 好久不见了 | hǎo jiǔ bù jiàn le

好久不见了!怎么这么长的时间还没写博客!因为我不工作就有时间来写, 期待在这里看到一些新文章。 It's been a long time since I've written on this blog. Started from the Covid....now I'm back? Update is I'm unemployed and have some time now. So expect to see something here and there! – 黛华 Tyra


d e l i g h t |喜 爱 | xǐ ài

大家好!为了多练习中文并记诵经文,要开始写这个博客。这是我的第一篇博客文章. Hello Everyone! In order to practice my Chinese more and memorize scripture, I started this blog. This is my first blog post. 今天的话题是这个博客的灵感。我写这个博客是为了让我在耶和华的喜悦中成长。耶稣和上帝的话是我的灵感。 Today's topic is about the inspiration for this blog. I am starting this blog to help me grow in my delight in the Lord. Jesus and God's word are my inspiration.…